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a world class platform designed to connect gamers with brands using cutting edge algorithms.

Just like you, we are gamers. We know the joy of gaming, connecting and growing.

We live in an age where connections can take different forms. People we know. People we meet. people we help, and those who help us. It’s called community and it is what propels us forward.

Community should be easy, helpful, empowering.

Welcome to Atreeyo. A platform that helps gamers, creators, and brands to be their best.

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Using data science and cutting edge algorithms, we provide an abundance of data to help you achieve your goal.​

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Stand out more by easily integrating your social media accounts.​


Articulate to brands what you're looking for quickly and easily.


Talk directly to brands through our secure messaging tool​.

Brands Get Data and Insights for Better Partnerships

Gone are the days of spending hours emailing brands about sponsorship opportunties with no responses. Through our cutting edge analytics, previous experience and questionnaire, we create a valuable digital portfolio catered to the decision makers at these brands.

Anything You Need

Don't have a big social media following? No problem! We take a holistic approach that is not solely focused on social media stats to highlight the value you can bring to a brand.​​

Save with some of your favorite brands

From discounted products to discounted rates with our designers and other partners, we believe these perks will help you take your brand to the next level.​​

A perks program tailored for you.

We have sought out partners who believe in the same mission we do and that is to help you, the gamers, content creators and streamers increase your marketability so you can continue sharing your passion with the world.

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Limited time only. Become a founding member today. Enjoy free membership for life.